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December 27, 2007

For the past few months, I have been building an orrery. It is a comission... just shipped it off to Minneapolis. The new owner has made a very pretty web page for it

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This has been the main result of my recent acquisition of a CNC Taig micro mill with 4 axes.

One turn of the crank is a fortnight.

Sarah Moore made a video!





The 6 planets and sun and moon are made of glazed porcelain. Shown below is earth, moon and mars.


The gears are bronze. I cast the blanks first, cleaned them up in the lathe, and the little milling machine did the rest.


The main shaft of the moon drive train rides on 4 sealed bearings.

At present, I don't even use CAD software. All G-code was generated by my own C++ programs.


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