I am a free lance artist, builder, tinkerer, maker living near Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA.
I am a 2 time college dropout with 45 years experience making things and experimenting on the fringe of art and technology. In 1984, I taught myself 6502 assembly code, and I have been dabbling in programming ever since. I live to learn things and intend to do so until I die. I have built lots of circuits and machines and things to go in people's houses both utilitarian and fanciful. I have been exploring organic forms in 3D modeling software and the 3D printing pathway. Sometimes I paint or draw or even write. I love to collaborate because even though I have plenty of my own ideas, new perspectives are refreshing and invigorating. I have been teaching lately because it turns out makers have valuable skills that can't just be acquired in a classroom or from a magic pill.