Large crochet covered mushroom
with legendary crochet artist Gina Gallina


Gina contacted me to make the skeleton for a large mushroom. I made it out of salvaged galvanized pipe which I bent by hand and welded together to get the funky quality. It is at Walter Turnbow park in Springdale now.

Just observing people with the mushroom, I can say with confidence, it is a hit!


Mosaic hercules beetle
with Kaye Baskerville


in 2020 I sculpted, molded and cast three fiber reinfoced cement hercules beetles. The first one had some surface problems on the shell, so I asked my friend Kaye who is a very meticulous mosaic artist if she would like to cover it with mosaic. It is for sale

The beetles were involved in another collaboration with photographer Meredith Mashburn and her daughter Sky who modeled as the beetle wrangler.

Fenix Mural
with Octavio Logo


This mural was Octavio's concept, but he got me involved to help work out the perspective and help with the composition and planning, We painted it together in the summer of 2019.

one of my contributions is the pictogram covered shin guards. Initially I had hoped to go with a Mayan pictogram look, but I eventually settled on a look more inspired by native American glyphs.

The mural has 2 boxed steel outcroppings. One is the end of the paintbrush, and the other is the very end of the feathers, an illuminated box proclaiming ART!