Wedding Arch at Vesper Point

ferrocement, steel, air 2022
This piece is located on Mt. Sequoyah in Fayetteville, AR. It tells the story of a marriage, the paths of life of two families, blown by the wind, buffeted by events, holding steady in a resilient form.

3D modeling was the first step to thouroughly establish the composition. A 3D printed builder's model was made at 1 inch equals one foot, and it was scaled up in the studio, much as one would scale up a mural, only in 3D

The ferrocement cloudlets were made on site. The piece acknowledges the large cross across the street, but avoids any obvious symbols. I spent a lot of thought on pluralism, invitation, abstraction, and allowing ones imagination to fly to the etherial


cherry wood, steel, air 2021
This piece began with a cherry log my neighbor dropped in my yard. I went after it with a chainsaw wildman style, cutting it into crooked, wafting shapes, inspired by rising smoke. I began suspending the pieces in the air with cold hammered steel (the cherry is so sensitive heating was impractical). When the neighbor came by again, she said it looked like souls rising. Thus the title.

This piece is a little over 8 feet tall. It is still for sale. What I would really like is for this piece to be a maquette for a piece 4 times scale.

Herpetology in Wilson Park

Ferrocement, steel, granite 2020
The five lined skink was my solution for reinforcing a stone wall of the beloved Castle by Frank Williams. There were cracks, and a couple of stones had already fallen off. The romantic green snakes are holding up the story of the castle.

The steel skink feet realized for me the dream of every artist: to make some lizard toes! The mosaic on the tail was done by my friend Kaye Baskerville.

Besides getting to make the lizard toes, artistically for me this piece was about the outrageous draping yet racing curves these creatures make as they slither about. If you hang out with me for any length of time, you will hear me go on about my struggle against all the straight lines and boxes in the world