CNC cut tools in aluminum (very small bit))

when I put the socket set in, it looked like a little laptop, so I changed the color to red.

Really, this is a serious piece, a computer case, first made in 2004 but reworked in 2020. The joke is that nobody needs those drive bays anymore, so I rented them out to a couple of dudes to work on their hot rod.

My sweetheart has a pet-sitting side hustle, so I get to meet a lot of cool dogs. This fellow is a hairless named Eggroll.

These illuminated snowflakes are CNC cut Coroplast with Neopixels in. The designs were traced right off of pictures of real snowflakes.

Lucky I made the sleigh strong because people mauled it! And the reindeer, they mauled her too!

The Moulon Rouge windmill moved from Maxine's Holloween to Holidaze without seeming to notice.

What pedestrian?

Lavender and I made a tiny cooking setup. The bowl on the left and one of the spoons are sand cast pewter

spalted elm and honey locust box.

Vacuum formed Emerald City for Maxine's OZ themed Holloween

A 3D printed rose for my sweetheart made in a real hurry on Valentine's day. It has a 3W warm white LED inside.